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Everything I Know I Learned from the GOP

Here's just a smattering of that divinely inspired wisdom:

  • If it's something I like, it should be protected, regardless of the social consequences.
  • If it's something I don't like, it should be abolished, regardless of the social benefit.
  • We live in the Greatest Country On Earth but This Country is Going to Hell. Anybody spending time thinking about this contradiction is obviously an Intellectual Elitist.
  • Other view? What Other view?
  • Cut taxes! Social services (like building roads and repairing bridges, paying police and firemen) are a waste of money... they're just another form of welfare program. Let these people get real jobs!
  • You don't need to understand people, just label them.
  • You don't need to understand issues, just label them.
  • It's not one person, one vote, it's one dollar, one vote!
  • "Truth" is a flexible thing meant to support your idiology. The masses are idiots, and religiously accept what leaders say as the truth, regardless of what the facts suggest.

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