Piercing Thoughts
by Pierce Thorne
Pierce Thorne, resident philosopher and self-styled curmudgeon, makes no apologies in his first column.


MTV turns twenty. But what happened to it?


I am, therefore... (I think.)

Arrows, By Any Other Name

"The world will never be as secure..."


So who is the imitator now?

Where No Man Has Gone Before?

Sure. But will they respect your privacy in the morning?

Privy Policy

In other species, the courtship display plays a vital role and only the best are selected. For humans in the online dating scene, it just ain't so...

In Search Of...

I have little patience for fools and bigots. And when one assassinates the character of a good man, I will not hold my tongue.

Assassinated Character

Book review: Pierce explores a BS ("Best Selling") author's mysterious father, and some curious business advice.

O Father, Who Art Thou?

Headline: Chinese officials claim "Been there, done that."

Long Way to the Moon

Pierce Goes Bloggy, as if columns weren't enough!

Pierce On!

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