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Some say the only difference between Quayle and Palin is that she's read The Prince, and has the political ambition to put it to use.

Republican War on Free Thought

Laundering Intelligence

I have always felt that Washington DC's silly Paris-Tea-party (when France didn't back Emperor George's little tempest) was misguided ninnery by a few uneducated clods in the administration...


Isn't it interesting that disclosures about Kerry aren't, but disclosures about Bush are described as "politically motivated"? (As if to suggest that there's no merit...


Being on the East Coast has been an eye-opening experience. Being in a "red" state (maybe just a red part of a state) has been something of a challenge...

Dear Voter...

I've been spending a bit of time on the Wrong, um, East Coast on some work, so I haven't been home all that much...

Republican Entrance Exam: How Well Can You Lie?

Everything I Know I Learned from Corporations

Here are some more rules to live by:


We've all seen the sticker "Somewhere in Texas there's a village missing an idiot." But here's a new one:

Everything I Know I Learned from the GOP

Here's just a smattering of that divinely inspired wisdom:

Are Fries Standard Equipment?

In a move befitting the scheister in the White House, there's an effort afoot to recategorize food service jobs as "manufacturing"... causing at least one congressman to ask "should we recategorize special sauce a durable good?"

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