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Is BofA bugging your online transactions?

Well, maybe not anymore. But two years ago, it was allowing DoubleClick to gather information on its customers.


In it, the author noticed that DoubleClick, that notorious internet ad agency, placed a 1x1 pixel tracking image on customer machines during the login on a secure server, seemingly with Bank of America's blessing.

The article didn't indicate any resolution to the issue, but it goes to show: if corporate IT execs think nobody is going to notice: wrong. And the egg on your corporate face, even two years down the road, isn't worth the few pennies you'll get from selling out your customers.

Personally, I think this just goes to show how you can't trust privacy policies: the best privacy you have is that you keep yourself.

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RE: Is BofA bugging your online transactions?
 — Pierce

Some tools to help you track spyware.

RE: Is BofA bugging your online transactions?
 — Pierce

Speaking of Online "Bugs"... it seems that Intuit and H&R Block have run afoul of a California law.

It seems that they, too, have been letting third parties plant bugs (little 1x1 pixel images that serve no purpose than to track you from page to page.) California law (Section 17530.5 of the California Business and Professions Code) considers this illegal...

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