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Penny: For Your Thoughts

Happened upon a page on UXMovement.com where one contributor posits a "better" order of OK/Cancel buttons...


(After a long absence from the scene)

Is BofA bugging your online transactions?

Well, maybe not anymore. But two years ago, it was allowing DoubleClick to gather information on its customers.

Seen on Wikipedia

"Power corrupts. Power failure corrupts absolutely."

O Intelligence, Where Art Thou?

Computers just don't get irony...

Anglophilic Oblivion - English an Endangered Species?

A sobering thought.

Well Than...!

It's no secret that I've got really low expectations for the latest products of the education system in the states...

BLOGvertisement - Another frontier sullied

Seems like there's another business opportunity somebody seems to think they can exploit. As if the web isn't filled with enough trash and advertisement, it seems spambots are putting fake hits from blogs into the web logs of as many sites as they can...

To Blog, or not to Blog...

That's the question.

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