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O Intelligence, Where Art Thou?

Computers just don't get irony...

And the point was driven home rather forcefully when I discovered that my anti pyramid-scheme column, "O Father, Who Art Thou?" is used to sell a book on pyramid schemes! O, the Irony!

How can this be? Perhaps by:

  1. A slimeball who pulls a fragmented quote out of context to sell a book (hoping that folks are stupid enough not to follow the link,) or
  2. A ninny who doesn't understand that the quote lifted ( without permission, I add) was ironic, or
  3. A computer that harvested quotes by looking for pages with words like "network" and "marketing" and "money" and "rolling in" and the like.

Personally, I pick the latter, only because the "bibliography" contains entries too strange to be picked by anybody with more than a single-digit IQ. I can only hope the semi-sentient will attempt to follow the link and read the entire column. But might'nt I be just a wee bit too optimistic? Perhaps. Everybody has their flaws.

http://www.asianbrain.com/Thorne-Network-Marketing.html is the page to see. Another highly recommended example of hyperbole, filled with (innuendos of) incredible stories, secrets revealed on how to make money without effort... (O dear!) Then go read the bibliographic reference, where the truth is laid bare: http://piercethorne.com/pierce/pt11.asp (except my references are links!)


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