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BLOGvertisement - Another frontier sullied

Seems like there's another business opportunity somebody seems to think they can exploit. As if the web isn't filled with enough trash and advertisement, it seems spambots are putting fake hits from blogs into the web logs of as many sites as they can, hoping to drive up traffic.

After investigating jennifersblog.com, bongohome.com, a-b-l-o-g.com, and numerous others, I've concluded that they're basically useless. There aren't references to my site there, and there's very little else of value on these sites....


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RE: BLOGvertisement - Another frontier sullied
 — Pierce

Turns out it's less insidious than I thought. Somebody figured they could boost their Google "PageRank" by spamming a bunch of sites.

Happily, it won't work! Nyah!

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