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Republican Entrance Exam: How Well Can You Lie?

Maybe influenced by his Terminator role, where T1 tries to rewrite history by rubbing out Sarah Connor before she can have her rebel son, Austrian Arnie rewrites a bit of his own history at the Republican Convention:


Never mind that Soviet tanks never rolled through his town while he was alive, he paints a very unrealistic picture of post-war Europe. Nobody there confused Western-Europe democracy with East-Europe socialism... certainly not the entrepeneurs and historians that lived there and then.

Arnie's hyperbole might have gone over well with the ignorant masses at the dog and pony show ("Oooh, he's got an accent like Kissinger, he must be smart!") but Folks That Know roll their eyes and wonder what movie script he's confusing with reality.

Or maybe it's Early Onset California-Celebrity-Turned-Governor Senioritis.

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