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Some say the only difference between Quayle and Palin is that she's read The Prince, and has the political ambition to put it to use.

Frankly, the woman gives me the willies. Like Quayle, she seems to be an insurance policy against impeachment for her principle, but that she'd be a heartbeat from the presidency is enough to break out in a cold sweat, making those days of yore, with duck and cover drills, have almost nostalgic appeal.

Never mind that she thinks she knows what God had intended for the natural resources of her state of Alaska, ("It's God's will to see that [$30 billion] pipeline built") and that she sees the war in Iraq as a crusade ("Pray for our military men ... that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending them out on a task that is from God.")

With all that religious rhetoric spewing forth from the veep-wannabe, figure it this way: if she's so gung-ho about her faith, and not only believes in the rapture but is looking forward to it (as the AG in "the valley" profess to be,) and if she's that close to the proverbial button ... what makes her any different than your run of the mill suicide bomber?

Talk about terrorists in the oval office...

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 — Pierce

During the primaries—you remember, when Clinton and Obama were still squabbling—I was waiting to find out who McSame was going to pick for his running mate, because I wanted to see who was going to actually be president by the end of the term.

Somebody took the time to help bring that into sharp focus. Making the rounds on the Internet:

Palin As President

A fun, interactive romp through the Palin Presidency. Save the red telephone for last.

And Now for Something Completely Different
 — Pierce

Now this is something after my own heart.

Absolutely true: they picked the wrong Palin! Since anybody can become president nowadays, regardless of experience, why not pick a python?

Might actually make me consider voting Republican!

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