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Being on the East Coast has been an eye-opening experience. Being in a "red" state (maybe just a red part of a state) has been something of a challenge. The utter conviction of some people, even to the point of being unwilling to discuss pro and con, is frightening. The merest mention of errors in the Bush administration take on the religious overtones of blasphemy... it's a veritable cult of personality. Maybe that's the strength of the Reps: huge numbers of mindless thralls elligible to vote.

Anyway, I'm of the opinion: leave no ostrich with its head in the sand. Red state or no, I make my opinions known. Lately it's been with shirts I wear. Interestingly, I've had several people come up and ask me where they can get them. (Things are not as hopeless as I thought!) At first, I thought about selling them, but the more I think about it, the more the word has to get out, so here they are:

Warrior, Wannabe W is for Wrong
Some Say... Low Expectations

Anyway, as a gesture of solidarity to those wanting to vote the rascal out of office, I'll give these guys away for free. They're not public domain, but I shan't charge you to print them. Click on the picture to get a bigger version of it, print it and put it on a t-shirt, and you're good to go.

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