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I now pronounce you ... ???

I don't know where I stand on the whole Gay Marriage thing. Or rather, I didn't, until it became headline news down the street in The City. The more I think about it, the more it seems to be a human rights thing.

The critics moan about the sanctity of marriage being eroded by this. Seems more like a disingenuous last stand against something they're unfamiliar with. This is exactly what critics said about interracial marriages a few decades ago. So, are my wife and I living in sin? Fifty years ago, there were those that would have said "yes," including the state. They forewarned a catastrophic moral decline. Yet here we are, as are so many inter-racials, as moral as the best of them. (Dare I say it: maybe more so?) Nowadays, the issue is "a man and a woman," back then, it was "of the same race." (Of course, at the time that meant "white" and "everything else.")

I admit I've been ambivalent. I shan't bore you with why's and wherefore's, but I don't know how I feel about some unintended consequences. Maybe there's a wee bit of latent homo-insensitivity of the sort ingrained in Midwestern school-grounds, too. But I generally can tell the goodness of a cause by the opponents it amasses. I just can't get myself on the bandwagon that says "God hates fags; thank God for AIDS". Of all that's morally revolting, that would have to be it. This is not the God of Love I've been taught about. When one side resorts to hate speech, that's a sign the other is right.

How's it going to play out? The last battle hasn't been fought, but I wager it'll go the way of all civil rights issues. There may be a constitutional amendment banning Gay Marriages, but only for a while. If there's one thing true about the States, it's that prohibitions are usually repealed.

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