Start/Publish Book Living Expenses Write Chapter Bum Deal Write Chapter Write Chapter Taxes Due! Write Chapter Write Chapter Royalty Payment! Write Chapter Proof Read Public Appearance Living Expenses Publish Book!
Living Expenses BullFlowTM Board Game
Part of Pierce Thorne's
Fictional Wealthy Father
Educational Series
Teaching you how to make a killing in the BS Publication Field
Living Expenses
Write Chapter Rules:

Start the game with each player putting his Golden Shovel playing piece in the square marked "Start" and taking a "Book" card. Take turns rolling a die, moving that many squares in a counter-clockwise direction. The kind of square you land on determines what you do next:

  • Write Chapter: roll two dice and add. This determines the kind of chapter you write. Keep a tally of these with a tick on the appropriate row of your "Book" card .
  • Publish Book "at every turn": If your "Book" card has at least 3 chapters, put it in your "Published" pile and start another. If not, imagine what your Fictional Wealthy Father would say: you need to fabricate more bull!
  • Proof-read: Lose a turn as you go back and proofread what you wrote.
  • Book Deal, Royalty Payment, Public Appearance, Bum Deal, Aftermarket Sales: Draw a card from the appropriate stack and follow the directions.
  • Living Expenses: Living extravagantly means forking over $100,000. If you're in debt, well, there's always that next Royalty Payment...
  • Taxes Due: One Best Selling author would have you believe that the government taxes all the money you have -- even stuff you've already paid taxes on. So that's what you do: hand over 20% of everything you have.
  • Research: An attack of conscience strikes, and you feel the need to research. Transition to the Seemingly Endless Cycle of Research and Hard Work. You travel Clockwise here.
  • Seminar Tour: Place your piece on the Start Tour square, set aside your "Book" card, and start a "Seminar" card.
  • Seminar: Same as "Write Chapter" but applied to your "Seminar" card. You also get a $10,000 Stipend.
  • Extend Tour: Move your Golden Shovel playing piece back to the Start Tour square.
  • If you leave the Seminar Tour, throw away your "Seminar" card (it was all crap anyway) and pick up your unpublished "Book" card.
Extend Tour Write Chapter
Write Chapter Aftermarket Sales Write Chapter
Write Chapter Publish Book! Write Chapter Proof Read Write Chapter Research! Write Chapter Book Deal Public Appearance Publish Book! Seminar Proof Read
Write Chapter Write Chapter Write Chapter Seminar Royalty Payment!
Write Chapter Write Chapter Living Expenses Research Taxes Due! Research Living Expenses Write Chapter Extend Tour Write Chapter
Book Deal Book Deal Research Research Write Chapter Royalty Payment! Bum Deal
Proof Read Write Chapter Research Research Proof Read Seminar Write Chapter
Write Chapter Research! Research Finish Research Royalty Payment! Seminar Write Chapter
Write Chapter Royalty Payment! Research Research Write Chapter Seminar Book Deal
Bum Deal Write Chapter Research Research Book Deal Seminar Write Chapter
Write Chapter Public Appearance Living Expenses Research Royalty Payment! Research Living Expenses Write Chapter Start Tour Write Chapter
Living Expenses Write Chapter

Publishing a Book: Roll a die and write that into the Circulation box. Set the "Book" card down into your Published Book pile.

"Pick a (Published) Book": When a card tells you to pick a published book, shuffle all your "Book" cards and lay them in a circle. Roll a die and count books from the top counting clockwise. The card you stop on is the book that is "picked."

Figuring Royalties: Roll a die to determine how good sales were this period. (This will be your Sales Multiplier.) Now, for each published book, multiply Circulation by Deal Multiplier if there is one, and add up the total. Multiply this total by the Sales Multiplier. Multiply again by $1,000 for the size of your Royalty Check. (This Math stuff is hard, isn't it? If it's too hard, have another player figure it out. But their fee is ten percent of your check!)

Write Chapter Living Expenses
Publish Book! Living Expenses Publish Book! Publish Book! Write Chapter Seminar Tour! Living Expenses Publish Book!

"Book" Card
RollKind of ChapterTally
1Offer useful advice
2Provide unsubstantiated statistic
3Promote your publisher's other books
4Promote MLM's
5Promote your other books
6Recall pointless dialog from past seminar
7Quote Fictional Wealthy Father
8Recite fictional event from your past
9Include irrelevant anecdote
10Invent new, proprietary term (trademark it!)
11Insert oversized graphic
12Misappropriate actual fact to support your view
13Cite actual fact appropriately
14Write Objective, balanced analysis of alternatives
15Write bibliography

Circulation: Deal Multiplier: =